Fove 0 Virtual Reality Headset

Fove is a VR headset funded via Kickstarter, with eye tracking being its primary advantage- along with the additional features of knowing exactly in which direction your head is moving and being able to detect where the user’s pupils are pointed. The Fove takes gaming control to the next level with its eye-tracking functionality, something that standard VR headsets lack.

The setup of the Fove is similar to the Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus, starting with calibrations which are focused on synchronizing with the user’s eye movement rather than the position of the body in contrast to the computer.

The device has 2560×1440 OLED display dimensions with a 70Hz refresh rate, comparatively lower than the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift’s 90Hz. Position Tracking of the Fove depends on the external sensor, but it doesn’t provide a dedicated game controller for motion tracking like the Oculus and Vive do. A 120fps infrared tracking system keeps track of the direction of your eyes which offers less than a singular degree of accuracy. Users will have to search for compatible motion controls for this device, with one of the best options being the Leap Motion.

The technology equipped by the Fove has many applications in terms of Virtual Reality. It is a form of input, as demonstrated on the dedicated first person shooting game- Project Falcon. The system is also detrimental for foveated rendering, a process that will only completely render whatever area your eyes and peripheral vision is focusing on, removing most of the processing burden away. This technique is probably going to be better integrated in virtual reality systems in the near future. For now, it is unclear which games or apps are compatible with the Fove 0. 250 VR games available on Steam are expected to work, as stated by Fove, but whether or not these games will utilize Fove’s remarkable eye tracking needs to be seen.

Because the origins of the Fove 0 started on Kickstarter, where it rapidly gained funds, Fove has given special priority to its Kickstarter fans, who will be among the first to receive the headsets as the first shipments are already dispatched.

Currently, Fove perceives its eye tracking gizmo as a VR headset that is developer friendly instead of being a marketable device, although it is hopeful that more and more users will shift to the VR gaming space by 2018.

The Fove 0 is priced at $599, which is the same price of the Oculus Rift excluding its Oculus Touch controllers. The device features a 70fps frame rate with a 0-100-degree field view, and weighs a mere 1.14 pounds. This is a noteworthy feature, making the Fove headset comfortable as compared to its heavier competitor VR headsets. You can purchase the Fove 0 directly from the company’s website. Look out for more updates on this revolutionary headset and its eye-tracking system, along with which applications will make use of this unique technology.


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