Freefly VR

The Freefly VR has launched an updated version of its initial model. The latest model has been branded as ‘Beyond’. It has raked in positive reviews since its launch, both by the critics and the customers. In this review, we are going to go through the unboxing and usage experience.

Freefly VR Unboxing

The headset arrives in a durable shell case, which is similar to the one that came with the first model but slightly larger in size. The case contains the Freefly VR headset, a sticker, a user manual and cleaning piece for maintaining the lenses.

Aesthetically and tactically the Freefly VR headset is of high quality. The same is the case with all the accessories that come in the case. This is a good sign of the product’s performance and durability.

Usage Experience

The method of attaching the phone inside the headset and wearing it is quite similar to the initial model. Most of the features on the headset are also similar.

This leads us to question what new is in this upgraded model. For starters, the new Freefly VR is more comfortable to use, has an increased compatibility with the latest smartphones, and it has a better field of view in contrast to the previous version. Moreover, the company has also added two new iOS compatible buttons which are together called ‘crossfire button’. There has been an improvement in the ventilation department as well, with new vents to prevent fogging.

The new buttons have shown good response when the device is paired with the headset, however, this is not to say that they could not have been made better. In fact, unless you get the habit of pressing them hard, you may miss some presses during a fast paced game. So this is definitely a place where the company should focus on, if they decide to make a new version.

The dual button experience has previously been adopted by Merge And Lakento VR headsets. Other companies have showed restraint in introducing this feature. Google’s own Cardboard has only a single button and therefore there won’t be many compatible games which would utilize a pair of buttons. Perhaps the dual button layout is most efficient in the sense that anybody can use his or her hand of preference, instead of being limited in this sense.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • A new set of buttons for iOS
  • Super comfortable. No strains.
  • Good value for price and quality
  • 40 mm focal lenses


  • No customizable IPD and Focal length
  • Not AR-able (Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality)

Final Thought

All in all, the VR headset looks good especially considering its price and built quality. While there are minor issues like button design and non-adaptable IPD/Focal Length, the headset is still quite good for casual use.

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