HTC Vive

Once the King of VR Headsets, The HTC Vive is getting some solid competition yet it seems to still be King.

That’s not to say that the Vive is not the best Headset you can get anymore (because it still is) but simply that the alternatives look better everyday.

HTC Vive Resolution

The HTC Vive is known for it’s superior resolution. No other VR Headset can produce what the HTC Vive can.

It has a 2160×1200 screen, which translate to a 1080×1200 screen for each eye, and it has a 110 degree field of view.

This does however make the HTC Vive the most resource intensive headset, so you will need to spend more on your PC as well.

HTC Vive Cost

The most expensive headset by far, it costs $799 but it does however, include motion controllers (unlike the Oculus and the PSVR which are sold separately).

Keep in mind that you would need to spend at least another $700 on a VR ready PC as well…

HTC Vive Features

Unlike Both the PSVR and the Oculus, the Vive does not have Built In Audio.

No audio at all, meaning you will have to buy headphones to use with the Headset…

And while its not the only one to have it anymore, it does support room scaling, which lets you move around an 11 ft area.

HTC Vive Platform

The Vive is supported by Steam! That alone gives it a huge appeal to many gamers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it has more content available.

Like consoles many games are being released exclusively for one headset or another. The Vive however can greatly benefit from Steam Sales!


The Vive is by far the Best VR headset in the market. Its has a bundle that comes with it’s motion controllers and the best resolution.

However it is much more expensive than some of its competition, basically becoming the premium VR Headset.

However if you get one of these you will get the best VR experience available today.

Image Credit Philip Swanson

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