List of Gesture Controllers for Virtual Reality

As VR technology becomes cheaper and widely available, there are plenty of startups working hard on developing VR Gesture Controllers.

These VR Gesture Controllers will go a long way to make the already immersive experiences even more so. Having only our hands as controllers will most likely be he future of VR Gesture Controllers and that’s pretty cool.

Let’s take a look at what these startups are doing, and see why we should be excited about them.

Reach Bionics VR Gesture Controllers

We will go from most basic to most advanced VR Gestures Controllers.

Let’s start with Reach Bionic’s project. This one is pretty simple and it’s meant to work on basically any headset.

What they want to do is attach sensors on the inner side of the headset, so that they can detect facial expressions.

Then all they need to do is assign an action to each facial expression and the result is a basic VR Gesture Controller.

Leap Motion Sensor

You might remember Leap from a previous article on SimianVR.

Leap is an add on that is also meant to work on any headset. This one goes on the front of it unlike Reach Bionic’s project.

And it’s basically a front mounted camera that reads predetermined hand gestures. The programmer assigns different actions to them.

The result is being able to use these hand gestures as your VR Gesture Controller, which sounds nice but it may be a little annoying at times.

Vico VR

Another one we talked about previously, these one seems a bit more promising and simpler to use.

Vico VR is basically applying the same tech that Xbox’s Kinect as a VR Gesture Controller.

If you already own and use a Kinect you will probably feel right at home with this one, and while it is a lot more promising than the previous products, I have found some much better options!

Metron Force

Just Another Sillicon Valley Startup… Well not really, Metron Force created one of the most amazing VR Gesture Controllers I have seen.

Metron Force is a wristband that allows the wearer to control almost anything, from robots, to drones or maybe just a lamp.

It uses different gestures depending on what you are controlling at the moment, and has automated responses for difficult tasks like drone flying.

Yes… I Know Metron Force is not a VR Gesture Controller, but the company will be showcasing a VR Gesture Controller based around the Metron Force wristband at CES 2017.

The Myo Armband

The Myo Armband is a huge improvement over the Metron Force Armband… So much so that Intel and Amazon are giving Thalmic Labs about a hundred and twenty million dollars!

Their next product is meant to be a wristband that won’t just measure certain gestures… No, it will actually tell the way your hand is resting at all times!

These would mean that you actually have your actual hand in the digital world! Basically the only thing the wristband wouldn’t do is give you some sort of feedback.


Image Credit Intel Free Press


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