Magic Leap Review

Magic Leap is, undoubtedly, the future of augmented reality. It is everything Minority Report style controllers envisioned and it is the death of the screen.

With over $540 million in funding capital and with supporters like Google and Qualcomm, even the tech giants seem to consider this as the future.

Magic Leap, basically, uses a head-worn display to impose virtual images on the real world. Magic Leap uses a branded technology to make the combination between real and virtual almost untraceable.

Technology Used:

Both Magic Leap and Microsoft’s HoloLens are concentrating on “Mixed reality” or “augmented reality” (AR). These head-mounted devices make use of a pass-through camera to display you the exact identical room or environment you’re already in, but with the flawlessly layer of computer-generated objects.

Microsoft HoloLens creates striking 3D effects in the real world with its head-mounted visor, but its graphics are bounded to a narrow field of sight in front of your eyes. While trying HoloLens it feels like you’re viewing its magic images through a tiny window in front of your face. Magic Leap, on the other hand, is targeting for enhanced field of view to give viewers a 360-degrees view that seems real regardless of where you move your eyes.

Magic Leap Could End The Concept Of Screen:

By introducing the concept of a headset that projects directly onto the retina, there may not be any need for screens anymore. Moreover, the focus and resolution of the images is promised to be near to real so it’s probable that no screen will compare.

Menus can be scrolled as if they were on a physical wheel. Items, such as an email inbox, could be projected on a real-world desk as if it were a real mailbox.

Envision looking up and seeing the scoreboard of a sports game floating right there just like if you were present at the game. Or watching a film during a flight, simply let the screen occupy your field of view and be engulfed like being at the cinema.

Founder Of Magic Leap: Rony Abovitz

Magic Leap Could Re-Invent Gaming:

One of the major applications for Magic Leap is gaming. The idea of being able to enjoy virtual reality involvement while still moving easily around a room and not banging into things is really amusing. That’s what augmented reality offers since the wearer can still see the world around them.

Magic Leap unit seems to recognize hands means gripping virtual objects like guns will now be an innovative possibility. Although possibly a real-world support will help in these cases.


Overall, many of the fundamental techniques Magic Leap requires to comprehend highly realistic augmented reality have been established, but still the company will have to improve and merge them in unique ways that no one has ever done before.

We can hope that we’ll get a chance to actually try Magic Leap with our own eyes soon. Because, no matter how thrilling it all appears on paper, it’s the kind of technology that’s impossible to conclude without experiencing it firsthand.


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