Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has had it’s ups and downs. From opening our eyes to VR to being the least popular headset.

However the Rift looks very promising after the release of the Oculus Touch, and because of it we are going to remember it’s features.

Oculus Rift Resolution

Almost as impressive as the Vive, the Oculus features a 2160×1200 display. That means 1080×1200 on each eye.

The view is a bit more limited as it falls short of the 110 degrees the Vive offers.

Oculus Rift Features

The Rift is very light weight, being the lightest of all the high end headsets weighing only 1.03 lbs.

It also comes with Built in 3d sound, which greatly improves immersion! Also the only downsides about the Rift have been recently fixed.

The primary problem about the Rift was obviously the lack of motion controllers, that however has already been addressed with the Oculus Touch!

The other downside was the lack of the room scaling which was also introduced with the Oculus Touch and it’s “Play Area”.

The “Play Area” is not as large as Vive’s rooms scale, but it is still plenty.

Oculus Rifts Platform

While the PSVR has the PSN, and Vive has Steam, Oculus has it’s own Oculus Store.

And while PSVR is busy getting exclusives, Good Guy Oculus has stopped blocking Vive owners from playing games downloaded from the Oculus Store.


The Oculus Rift cost $599 and contains the headset and an Xbox One controller.

If you want the full VR experience then you would need to get the Oculus Touch and an extra camera, which would cost you an extra $380.

That Means the Full Oculus Rift VR experience costs about the same as the Vive… That is until you consider that the Rift requires less resources, therefore you can spend less on the PC.

That is until Oculus decides (if they do…) to release some sort of bundle that reduces the cost of the Oculus Rifts + Oculus Touch.


While the Oculus had been shadowed by the Vive, the release of the Oculus Touch and it’s reduced cost might make it a popular headset.

As a VR enthusiast the Rift seems to have a lot going for itself, specially on the Touch Design.

And while HTC might just blow everyone’s mind soon, the Rift seems to be here to stay.

Image Credit eVRydayVR

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