Sony’s PlayStation VR

It Seems that Sony is the Only console company that is interested in VR at the Moment. Having already released the PlayStation VR.

What Is The PlayStation VR

Simply put is a VR Headset for the PlayStation console. However it has some ingenious solutions to many of the HTC Vive’s and Oculus Rift’s problems

It is particularly cheap at the moment (at least compared to the alternatives) costing only $399 on its own or $499 with the PlayStation Move Bundle.

PlayStation VR Features

The most outstanding thing about the PlayStation VR is how well designed it is. It was designed in such a way that its strap balances the weight of the screen, as opposed to the HTC Vive (which can be uncomfortable because of the weight).

The resolution however is not as outstanding. It falls behind it’s competition by having a 960×1080 resolution for each eye and only about 100 degrees of view.

PlayStation VR Tracking

The PlayStation VR shines in this department, unlike others it can actually accurately track your head movement whether you are looking forward or behind you.

The PlayStation uses a camera that recognizes certain colors, and the PlayStation VR has its lights placed strategically in the front all the way to the back of your head.

That means that even if you have your back turned to the camera it will read the light in the back of your headset and know where you are looking.

The same however cannot be said about the PlayStation Move (Motion Controllers) which can easily be blocked by your body.

PlayStation VR’s Performance

You might think a simple PlayStation 4 cannot handle Virtual Reality, and you would be right…

PlayStation VR is known for running poorly on the basic PlayStation 4, therefore if you want to use PlayStation VR you want to get a PlayStation 4 Pro.

It’s not that you can’t use a regular PS4 for PSVR, however the experience seems to be lousy, as load times are extremely long, and resolution poor.

PlayStation VR Games

The most promising aspect of the PSVR is it’s library.

Sony announced that hundreds of developers where working for PSVR, and that StarWars Battlefront VR would be a PS Exclusive!

The games that are under development also look extremely good.

These are products from experienced game studios and a lot of aremaking their way into PSVR and not PC.


Finally PSVR is the cheapest high end Virtual Reality platform available today.

A PS4 Pro would cost about $400, and the PSVR an extra $400. Meaning that the whole platform costs the same as the HTC Vive.

Image Credit Ian Hughes

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