What Is Google Cardboard?

Unlike other headsets, Google Cardboard is about one thing, Being cheap.

Google Cardboard has one purpose and that is to give people an easy and cheap way to experience VR. However basic it may be Cardboard is an amazing first experience for people who are still doubting VR.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is more than just a makeshift VR headset, it’s actually a whole platform designed by Google.

They made a basic guideline (measures) for Google Cardboard compatible “viewers” (headsets), and applications.

They don’t regulate or sell any of these things themselves, they just created a platform that would allow programmers to create content and share it.

That’s why you can find Step by step videos on Youtube that show you how to make a ”Google Cardboard”.

Google Cardboard Platform

The “Cardboard” is a simple headset that you can buy for your cellphone. Therefore the actual processing is done by your smartphone and the headset is simply an accessory.

You need only a Smartphone running Android 4.1 or better or an iPhone 5 or newer.

If you have either one, you just need to download the “Google Cardboard” app. Within the app you get some free demos, and a hub that will show any app compatible with Cardboard.

Price And Content

Google Cardboard costs anywhere between $3 to $12! The actual cost comes from buying your Smartphone, and since you probably already own one its almost nothing to get some VR.

Keep in mind your VR experience highly depends on your Phone’s resources, however most Google Cardboard apps are simple experiences.

You will not be getting the most amazing VR games. Instead what you can get are some straightforward experiences that will let you see what VR is all about.


Cardboard is the Gateway drug that will make you want to spend thousands on VR headsets and PCs.

It’s great to watch VR videos on Youtube, and share some basic VR games with friends and family. There is nothing quite as funny as setting a scary game for a friend who has never tried VR!

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