How VR Products Get Started on Kickstarter

Virtual Reality and Crowd funding are two words that come to mind easily. It seems that every Crowd funding website has at least a dozen of projects related to VR! It’s obvious that it should be this way too, Virtual Reality is still a new unproven market… That means investors still have doubts about it.

But VR still needs money for development, and the easiest way to get is from us… VR enthusiasts ready to get hyped about VR’s next frontier. It’s a new age, and our interest and excitement about this new tech is what’s going to make VR great, and that’s pretty cool.

We don’t need no big shot investors, we just need to get together and support upcoming VR developers!


Kickstarter is one of the biggest crowd funding sites at the moment, and it has had a huge amount of success. If you haven’t heard of them, or don’t know what crowd funding is in general then let me explain.

There are different sites that offer this service. You may have a project in mind that, something you are truly passionate about. But there is one tiny issue… You don’t have the money for it. So what you can do is write everything you plan on doing, get a prototype product put together, make a great presentation and share it!

Sites like Kickstarter will let people donate money to your project and in exchange they take a fee. There are plenty of sites that are dedicated to crowd funding but Kickstarter seems to be the place to be for VR startups. Kickstarter also the more serious in the space, with the highest acceptance bar… Others can have ridiculous crowd funding campaigns, like “Help me buy some fish tacos”.

Starting A VR Crowd Funding Campaign

It sound easy right? You ask for money and people give it to you… Well it isn’t quite that simple. There is plenty of competition for those donations, and new projects popping up every second. To have a successful campaign is not easy, you first need to hype people about your project, and afterwards you need to keep them hyped!

Keeping your crowd hyped is though… But you need them to talk about your product and to share it with as many possible donors as they can! This means doing a whole lot of things, most people make the mistake of not dedicating enough time to the campaign, while in reality they should have someone specifically working on Crowd funding!

You need someone to constantly engage their followers and ask for help, to send out newsletters to keep their backers updated, and to study and offer promotions for new backers. Crowd Funding is not an easy task, it’s hard work but it can sure pay off, you have to earn each donation and hard work is the way to do it.

You also need to offer your donors something in return, many VR companies offer their backers anything from T Shirts to their actual product once it goes into mass production.

Keep the incentives rolling, and you will get more backers! Make sure you are giving people plenty of reasons to spend their hard earn money on your project.

Then of course, if you get funded, you have to deliver on the product.

Kickstarter and VR

Kickstarter has been responsible for the greatest VR headset in my opinion. I’m talking about the Oculus Rift of course! And yes the mighty Rift once was owned by a bunch of dudes with little to no money… Oculus had set to raise $250,000 and achieved an amazing $2,437,429!

Now it’s part of Facebook’s assets and the original owners are super rich, pretty cool right? Kickstarter has a whole section dedicated to VR! In it you can find projects like Hardlight VR, which is a VR suits that want’s us to feel the game! Hardlight has already achieved it’s goal and they will soon showcase the suit, pretty interesting stuff really.

Check out Kickstarter’s VR section and help fund the development of VR! Or if you feel generous, help me get some VR!  I wonder if my editor will actually publish this…

Image Credit Duncan Hull



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