The 2016 MLS Cup Will Be Broadcasted On VR!

Fox Sports and LiveLike are partnering to deliver on an awesome VR experience, that hopefully will be the first of many!

Fact is that this may just be what makes Americans watch soccer. The 2016 MLS Cup final between Seattle Sunders and Toronto FC will be broadcasted live on VR, and all you need is a google cardboard to watch it!

What Is LiveLike VR?

LiveLike VR is a platform dedicated to sports broadcasts. Thats right this platform is basically the place you go whenever you want to either watch or broadcast a live sporting event in VR.

Imagine that, just when i though i couldn’t possibly find something new and cool to do on my Gear VR i find out that i can watch sports in Virtual Reality as if i payed to be in the stadium (minus the actual work of leaving my house, spending money on gas and others…)

And the best part is that it works on any Android Device, or iOS Phone with Google Cardboard or on the Oculus Headsets like the Rift or the Gear VR.

Was it Actually A Penalty? Was He Really Offside?

Fear not, there is absolutely no way you can watch the final and have any doubt about any call.

This particular event will feature five different cameras (yeah five 360 VR Cameras) that you can freely switch around and you can even rewind the action for instant replays, on all five cameras!

There is no way anyone will have a better vantage point or be able to call any situation better than you… If you are not excited about this, just imagine it being used on your favorite sport, Awesome right?

Other Features That Will Be Available On This Broadcast

The instant replay from multiple angles is hard to beat, but there are some other neat stuff going on.

You can look up statistics at any moment during the match, so you can see statistics like ball possession, pass accuracy, shots on goal, etc at any moment and watch them vary instantaneously.

Virtual Reality And Sports

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality will be huge in the entertainment business, it wont be long before we can enjoy the first Virtual Reality films and TV Shows, and while that may seem odd at times,i am excited about it.

Sports like any other entertainment medium, will benefit greatly from Virtual Relity, and this are just the first of many events that will enjoy VR coverage.

Fox Sports has already talked about covering NFL, College Football and UFC!

I’m particularly interested in an UFC Virtual Reality experience, and actually… a WWE VR experience would be nice.

Either way Virtual Reality promises a lot when it comes to sports, and watching a Live Event like the MLS Final is a perfect way to get a taste of VR.

From experience i can tell you it is almost indescribable and if you have the chance you should definitely give it a try.

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