Amazon is hiring VR Pros

Yes, Amazon is looking for a “Creative Director, Virtual Reality“. So what does that mean and what would be this persons job?

Amazon On VR?

The first question that comes to mind is, What Is Amazon going to do that they are looking for a VR Creative Director? The Answer may seem simple, perhaps they want to develop a VR app right?

That is in fact the case, the job posting was made by an Amazon Subsidiary (A9) and in it, it’s stated that the person would be responsible for “building Amazon’s VR shopping experience for use by millions of customers on a wide variety of VR devices.”

Sounds like Amazon is being smart and making sure it’s new platform will be available on as many headsets as possible!

Also can you imagine an Amazon Virtual Reality? I would love for it to be a Virtual Reality endless mall.The halls would be full of listing, and the aisle would be the categories.

It’s all up to whoever gets hired of course, and it might just turn out to be a VR Menu. From it you would have access to 360 images of the products, basically making shopping easier. That’s not particularly appealing so I do hope the endless Amazon VR Mall becomes a reality, or a Virtual Reality.

What Amazon is Looking For

You would think that Amazon is looking for Engineers, or industrial designers maybe. But that’s not the case! Turns out they already have those folks working on their VR shopping experience. So what are they looking for on their VR Creative Director?

Understanding and Knowledge of the VR market! Simply put VR enthusiasts, people who are passionate about VR and that have a experienced many VR experiences. Someone that knows what made a certain VR experience great, and what are the trends and possibilities of the medium.

As it was stated in the job posting, the VR Creative Director is someone who understands the Medium and that can envision what the future of VR is, and how Amazon can make a great experience out of it.

Consumers And VR

As a user of Amazon (and other online shopping sites) there is one main interest in my mind. 360 views on scale on VR! Why? Because it is hard to actually know what something will look like or what size it has. Sure I can read that it is 20x10x10 cm but as I’m shopping I’m not really stopping to measure these things.

I have bought things that turned out to be way bigger than I though they would be… Which is not bad, but I really think having scaled models of products in VR would give all the information the buyer needs.

Sure having an endless mall to walk around would be fun, but 360 VR models is where consumers would find the most use for VR.

Image Credit Simone Brunozzi


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