Apple to release VR Headset

While it seemed like the VR arms race would happen over gaming and that it would be led by the Rift, Vive and PSVR. The reality seems to be different.

Virtual Reality has found it’s way into a much more “wallet friendly” market. That is using our already very powerful smart phones to achieve above average VR experiences!

We already had Google Cardboard helping people get their first taste on VR. Then we had Gear VR, giving samsung owners a better VR experience.

Google decided to compete with them by releasing Google Daydream this year, and now it seems Apple wants a piece of the cake.

Apple’s Secret Project

Much has been said around Apple’s interest in both VR and AR. iPhones are perfectly compatible with Google Cardboard and some of us though that would be enough VR for Apple.

However it seems that the VR market grows everyday, and companies like Apple are starting to see the potential.

It is however a “rumor” at this point. And i say a “rumor” because there has not been an official announcement yet there is plenty of information to support it.

However at this point we can say its a not so secret, secret project.

Apple’s Purchase Of An AR Studio

To support this rumor there is the fact that Apple bought “Metaio” Never heard of them? Yeah me neither…

They are a german AR studio which could lead us to further believe that they are looking to develop apps for their headset. And that they want to do it inhouse… At least for now.

Apple’s Patents

Back in february 2015, Apple was awarded a patent for it’s “Head Mounted Display Apparatus For Retaining A Portable Electronic Device With Displayā€¯.

If that description sounds familiar then you probably know Gear VR and Google Daydream. It essentially looks and works like those headsets…

Yet how were they awarded a patent for something their competition is already doing? Well apple’s patent says that both components become one when together and that they would enhance each other!

Considering that other headsets do not enhance the smart phone’s capabilities this sounds very interesting. By saying this apple is opening up to plenty of speculation.

Possible Enhancement From Apple’s VR Headset

Take this with a grain of salt, there is nothing but speculation here.

Apple’s VR headset might do some of the heavy lifting… Maybe it will have built in sensors for more accurate movement measurement. It could come with built in headphones or a microphone.

What would be particularly interesting is if it came with an independent graphics processor. That would allow apple’s VR headset to offer the best mobile VR experiences.

But there is something important to keep in mind, Apple’s VR Headset as cool as it sound would inevitably have a higher cost!

And no i’m not referring to Apple’s usual higher cost than the competition problem…

I’m referring to the fact that having extra features on the VR Headset would inevitably make it pricier than other headsets.

But let’s be honest… If you already own an iPhone then you probably can afford to spend a couple extra bucks on your peripherals anyways.

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