Bounce Takes Physics Puzzles To A New Level of Reality

Everything is better on Virtual Reality, so if you like puzzle games you will probably love VR Puzzle games!

Bounce was released back in November, and it’s premise is pretty cool. It’s a physics based puzzle game and has a shocking ending. And don’t think you will get to see it easily… No the game is actually quite hard to complete, so you have to earn it.

Steel Wool Studios

The studio responsible for these particular VR Puzzle games is called Steel Wool Studios, they are a set of talented individuals.

They come from companies like Intel, Lucasfilm, Telltale Games and even Pixar… Leaving companies like those to start your own Studio is a huge risk! They clearly have great imagination, a passion for VR, and vision. In their own words “We believe virtual reality is on the edge of becoming a full-blown new entertainment medium – not a passing fad.” Therefore Steel Wool Studios does exclusively VR Games!

And this VR Puzzle Game is just one of many.

Bounce a VR Puzzle Game

Puzzles have always been in games, solving them can take time and it’s sometimes frustrating… But once we solve them it’s very satisfying.

Making a VR Puzzle Game was just the logical thing to do… After all gaming relied heavily on Puzzles before, since thats what the technology could do. And VR being in it’s infancy can deliver Great VR Puzzle Games if done correctly, while making a AAA driving game could be trickier and not meet expectations.

So what is Bounce about? Well to put it plainly it’s a VR Puzzle game where you have to get a gravity ball across a room to certain locations. The game is set up in a futuristic environment, and you are given different tools to place around in each stage. There are ramps, platforms, treadmill and accelerometers available in different quantities throughout the stages.

There is an entry portal where the gravity ball will fall from, and an exit point.  Within each stage you have to figure out how to place all the elements in the three dimensional space so that the ball follows a path and finally reaches the exit point.

It’s a simple concept… But it’s a not an easy game. Stages have different obstacles to overcome and there is plenty of trial and error that goes into solving them.


Bounce is being developed for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. And, there is already a free demo for it on Steam! The game will cost $19.99. All other games from Steel Wool Studios are also available on Steam which means that if you have the HTC Vive you can get all their products.

Oculus Rift users might have to wait a bit longer to get it, but it’s not a big deal.

Image Credit Tatters ❀


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