Doctors and First Responders Get VR Trauma Training

A new simulation of a trauma rooms makes for a very intense VR Trauma Training session for first responders and emergency medical personnel. it’s meant to be intense, as doctors and nurses need to learn to deal with this high pressure situations. VR Trauma Training could become a key part of training programs, college educations, and skills based training.

The VR Trauma Training Experience

This particular title isn’t quite a simulation… It’s actually a set of recordings of a trauma patient in the emergency room. There are three videos of different situations on the program.

One of the videos starts with this man lying in a bed, he is being asked questions by a nurse, while a doctor cuts his shirt. Another doctor is using an ultrasound probe to scan the mans abdomen. Within the video you can turn around and check the mans vitals and the ultrasound feed. Doctors who have tried it said it feels just like being there, in the trauma room.

“It is as if you are in trauma, really. Like 100 percent, you are in trauma.” said one of the doctors while another said “I felt like I needed to reach out and help the patient”.

The videos were recorded by a group from the Ohio University, using 360 degree cameras and a multi microphone array.

Future VR Trauma Training

Currently these VR Scenarios are being used to train residents of trauma care in the downtown hospital.

The goal is to familiarize the residents with the trauma room, and the roles that doctors play in it. Also while there are only a few scenarios currently recorded, the goal is to widely expand them.

“The goal eventually is to have hundreds of patients to teach different scenarios, like, ‘This is what a gunshot victim looks like.’ ‘This is what a stabbing looks like.’ ‘This is what a car accident looks like,'”

They are even trying to expand the program to follow patients from the trauma rooms, to surgery and all the way to post op. Giving a full treatment VR Trauma Training for Interns as a result.

VR Trauma Training Platform

The team from The Ohio University that recorded and edited the material to be used on VR didn’t make it widely available. The scenarios are viewable only on the HTC Vive at the moment.

Having simulations available to cheaper VR options could be a great benefit in the future. Specially for countries where buying an HTC Vive is difficult.

Perhaps a mobile version of these VR Trauma Trainings would improve it’s reach, helping doctors and patients all over the world as a result.

However, there has been no word about it yet from the team… Nonetheless this project has huge potential, and I believe a mobile VR Trauma Training will happen in the future.

Image Credit US Army Africa



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