Fitbit integrates with Peloton, the VR Bike

You probably already know fitbit, but in case you don’t they are a company that sells fitness trackers. They have become quite popular yet in order to remain relevant they need to expand their business.

This doesn’t mean they will start producing different products, but rather that they are implementing smart partnerships.

Fitbit Partnerships

As of recently Fitbit has made some interesting proposals, partnering with amazon echo and 2k.

NBA 2k17 would have some special content unlocked for fitbit users who managed to achieve their fitness goals. That’s one way to get a gamer fit right?

This time around Fitbit is looking at spinning. They are integrating their devices to Peloton and VirZoom.

Peloton is a fitness (splinning) platform that allows users to enter streaming lessons, basically being on a spinning lesson with hundreds of people from home.

While VirZoom is an indoor VR bike, that allows users to take bicycle rides through tropical islands, or even take horse rides.

Integrating devices to these platforms means that users will get plenty of data recorded from their sessions. This will allow VirZoom and Peloton users to better track their performance and progress.

Fitbit and Diet

The last addition that fitbit will be doing to it’s services is called “Habit“. It is a simple nutrition site that will recommend diets to users according to their weight, body fat percentage, daily activities and desired weight or goal.

The app will recommend calorie intake, carb types and the amount of protein and fat you should eat daily.

The Fitbit LifeStyle

Plenty of people wish to become fit, or at least achieve a better physical state. Fitbit was already a decent peripheral for people looking to get in shape.

Adding these partnerships to it make it a complete package, giving people all the tools they need to lose weight.

The only thing they are not offering is the discipline to successfully complete their regime…

However if you do feel like jumping into a fitness lifestyle i would suggest you take VirZoom over Peloton as i find that cycling through paradise much more entertaining.

Also you can race your friends on VirZoom which can be a lot of fun.

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