Google Daydream Adds HBO & Lego

Google has done plenty for VR with the Google Cardboard, and is now setting up it’s own VR Headset.

I’m talking about the Google Daydream, which is a the competition to the Gear VR. It uses the Google Pixel in the same way Gear VR uses the Galaxy Phones.

The Headset looks very promising, and it’s biggest weakness (which was content) seems to be getting dealt with.

Google has announced a pretty good amount of upcoming content for the Daydream, among which we find HBO and Virtual Lego.

The Current State Of Daydream VR

At the moment the Google Daydream platform lacks content, that means that after spending about $800 on the Google Pixel + Daydream you might not have a lot to do.

So to solve this situation has been working hard with at least 50 different developers, to developed everything from HBO to Gaming apps.

At the moment Google Daydream has a lot of potential, being able to rival Gear VR for a cheaper price.

The only thing Holding Google back is the need for more content, however it seems to be on it’s way!

Virtual Lego For The Daydream

Lego has partnered with Google and they have developed an amazing app called Lego Brickheadz VR Builders.

The app is absolutely free, there are no micro transactions involved and no paying for any kind of benefits.

The game offers two game modes, in one you can play with pre fabricated objects and watch them interact with one another.

And on the other mode you get to freely build anything you wish!

HBO Go On Google Daydream

Yet another amazing entertainment company is jumping into the Virtual World!

As amazing as this sounds i must crush your fantasies right away… HBO on VR is not going to be an actual 3d experience of Game Of Thrones.

At least not for now… What HBO¬†Go on the Daydream will do is give you a Virtual Theater to watch your favorite shows.

So basically you get to watch Game Of Thrones as if you were watching it in a movie theater. Still pretty neat if you ask me.

The Future Of Google Daydream

Like i said earlier Daydream looks very promising. The quality of the experience is as good as the Gear VR and it costs a couple hundred less.

Having a company like Google working on gaming an entertainment experiences makes the package seem like a no brainer.

Google is working with 50 partners to develop apps for the Daydream, including Netflix, Hulu, Schell Games, CCP Games, Warner Bros, etc…

The Daydream will also have support for Google’s own apps like Google Streetview, which google believes will be on of the most exciting VR experiences.

So if you want to jump into Virtual Reality, Google Daydream is probably your best alternative. You will get plenty of games and entertainment apps.

And if you tried VR and didn’t like it you only spent about $80 on the Daydream and you still have an amazing Google Pixel to use!

Image Credit Maurizio Pesce

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