Google Patents a Phone Box that Turns in to a Headset

It Seems Google is hellbent on making sure everyone gets a taste of VR. Google Cardboard was already an extremely cheap first taste of VR and now Google is going forward. Google’s Phone Box VR Patent will basically making sure everyone who buys a phone gets a Google Cardboard…

Google’s Phone Box VR Patent

While VR content grows everyday it seems that the market doesn’t… At least not as fast as companies would want it to. And while Google has already made it extremely simple to try out VR with Google Cardboard (just $5!), it seems they can do one better.

Google’s Phone Box VR Patent is a simple idea, make cellphones ship in boxes that can be turned into VR Headsets. It’s pretty cool, considering how expensive a smartphone is already, it’s best not to pay any more for one of it’s features. These will be running Google Cardboard, so there is nothing amazing about them, but the strategy is clever.

Image buying a Google Pixel, and using the Phone Box VR, and then getting hooked… What’s the logical next step? Getting Google Daydream! So for Google is not all about making people try out VR, but also about getting them to understand it and want Google Daydream.

Novelty or Not

As cool as it is, it may be wrong to say this is a completely new idea from Google. After all we have talked about McDonald’s Making VR Headsets out of Happy Meals in the past. And even Alcatel had a VR Headset bundle with the purchase of an Idol 45. So Google might have drawn some inspiration from them.

Either way as a marketing strategy is brilliant. Trying Cardboard will probably make plenty of consumer want Google Daydream. If this proves to be the case, then I’m certain Samsung will also copy the idea, giving free Phone Box VR, so that people test VR and want to get a Gear VR afterwards. And having a larger market means more content will be developed for VR! Now thats something we can all be happy about.

Considering how expensive Gaming VR is and how cheap Mobile VR is for entertainment, It starting to seem clear that VR will be brought to the mainstream not by HTC Vive Or Oculus RIft but rather by mobile VR.

Specially in the hand of Google Cardboard and their new flagship the Phone Box VR.

Image Credit Topher McCulloch


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