HULU And Lil Wayne Are Taking VR To A New Level

HULU is creating some of the best VR content, by partnering with Lil Wayne and Live Nation. HULU’s new series is called “On Stage” and while that might make you think it all about concerts that’s not the case.

HULU’s On Stage

The idea of the show is simple. By using 360 cameras HULU is following artist On Stage and Also Off Stage. The first episodes features Lil Wayne, and in it, you can go skating with him.

HULU’s vice president Noah Heller, says that Lil Wayne is “He’s Loving it” and that he has the VR crew behind him at all times. Meaning that much more than having a close 360 view of events, Lil Wayne is almost making a VR reality show of his life!

Each Artist’s Passion

On Stage is a misleading name, like I just said the episodes showcase much more than just events. To the creators it has become a way to showcase an artist’s passions. In a sense it does become a sort of reality show, of course VR makes it much more immersive and the way Lil Wayne uses the technology makes the viewer feel a part of it.

The proximity that VR imitates help us feel much more connected to the person we are seeing, and it makes it easier to understand who he or she is. In a sense it allows viewers to better understand a person, and makes for a much more entertaining and interesting show than any other celebrity reality show.

The Future Of On Stage

After Lil Wayne’s episode on “On Stage” many artists have realized the potential of 360 experiences, and just how much they can help their audiences connect with them.

The next episode is set to feature Major Lazer on a yard party in jamaica.

For HULU On Stage is all about creating experiences, and giving access to places no one else can. Therefore making experiences that showcase an Artist’s daily life, hobbies and passions while listening to a live performance is great.

HULU And Music

HULU is not a platform known for it’s music content…. However On Stage is set to be a first strong step into the music entertainment market. After all where else can you get an experience like it? And, On Stage offers a deeper connection to the artist than any musical video.

There is no doubt in my mind that these experience will be replicated by other’s. And as the word spreads more artists will want their own 360 videos!

Image Credit: Incase


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