Introduction to how the Drone Racing League uses VR

Drones are some of the most pieces of recent technology, so it makes perfect sense to pair them up with another awesome piece of recent tech. Virtual Reality and Drones are the perfect match and from it came Drone Racing.

Drone Racing

Drone Racing is one of those times were geeking out went right. One day you have a group of geeks playing around with complicated toys and the next you have a whole new sport developing.

If you have ever seen a drone flying around and though it was fast, then let me tell this is a whole other level.

Most drones are sold with computers that constantly monitor the drones speed and positioning.

These are meant to stop you from doing anything stupid and crash the drone… After all you just paid a handsome amount of money for it!

It’s basically the ESS of drones.

However racing drones have very little weight (they basically have no frame) , strong motors and nothing controlling what the pilot can or cannot do!

The result is an extremely fast drone, and an incredibly exiting sport.

Virtual Reality And Drone Racing

Let’s zoom in on the virtual reality technology used in the DRL.┬áVirtual Reality is implemented in a very interesting way. It’s beyond obvious that the pilots can’t really board the drones. So drones are equipped with extreme sports cameras (like GoPro Cameras) which send their feeds directly into the pilots headsets.

This gives the pilots a First Person, point of view. Just as if they were actually flying on the drones.

Advancement in the technology will soon allow the pilots to view a 3D VR field of view by using multiple cameras on the drone, allowing the depth perception.

This would in turn cause courses to be simplified. While VR allows pilots to have a perfect view of what is going on, and allows for the crazy fast and twisty courses of Drone Racing.

Become a Drone Racing Pilot

Are you thinking that this sound amazing?

As an upcoming sport Drone Racing has yet to reach out to a broad audience. For now is more of a niche sport (like robot battles) however this has a lot more potential. And the folks at the Drone Racing League are sure gonna help any possible pilots to get their starts!

They have a simulator that you can download for free and play online! It uses very realistic mechanics for controlling the drones, its compatible with both windows and mac, supports a wide arrange of controllers and it features real Drone Racing courses!

Basically you get the real experience with it! So if you are interested you should go check that out.

Image Credit Low Voltage Labs


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