The Magic School Bus Is Real And You Can Go To Mars In It

How do you get a group of curious kids excited about science? You take them on a magic school bus ride of course!

Lockhead Martin and Framestone prepared a special VR Bus Ride for a group of children that got them riding around the red planet, a lot like in The Magic School Bus. The experience is meant to spark children’s imagination, and desire to pursue scientific careers.

The VR Bus Ride

As opposed to what we are used to, this was not a group of children wearing VR Headsets. What Lockhead Martin did instead was placing screens on all windows of a School Bus, basically creating an immersive VR Bus Ride.

It was also nothing new for Framestone, as they had already done mars surface for the movie “The Martian”. Therefore using some of their already existing resources they managed to replicate 200 square miles of the red planet’s surface.

As a result when the bus moves so does the VR Scenario, if the bus stops the VR Bus Ride stops as well. Even when the Bus takes a turn, the VR Bus Ride takes a turn.

Generation Beyond

Probably one of the coolest ways to call a generation. At least that’s how Lockhead is calling this particular generation. Their message to them is simple, your generation will have the potential to explore space, go to mars, discover the mysteries of the universe!

Its a very inspirational message, and the kids are getting excited about it thanks to the VR Bus Ride.

“Someone in my generation… Someone in school today, could be the first person on Mars,” Says a boy excited about the experience.

Generation Beyond is a national Science, Technology, Engineering and Math educational program that wants children to pursue STEM careers.

The Lockhead Martin Chairman President and CEO Marillyn Hewson believes that “the elementary, middle and high school students of today—make up a generation that will change our universe forever. This is the generation that will walk on Mars, explore deep space and unlock mysteries that we can’t yet imagine,”

However she also believes that they can’t get there alone… They need to be inspired, prepared and equipped for that journey, and that is exactly what Generation Beyond is doing.


Image Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


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