Need For Speed No Limits VR is Coming

The Amazing Need For Speed franchise is coming to Virtual Reality in one of the most promising platforms for VR out there today.

Google Daydream has managed to get the interest of EA, and having Need For Speed is going to be yet another reason to consider buying a Daydream.

Virtual Reality and Racing Games

Virtual Reality has an obvious draw for first person games and racing games could be greatly enhanced by it.

There are plenty of Shooter in Virtual Reality and not nearly as many Racing Games. The reason behind it might be how dizzying VR can be.

And while a fast paced racing game might not be the most ideal VR experience for everyone. There are plenty of gamers interested in it.

Content On Need For Speed No Limits VR

You may or may not know that Need For Speed No Limits has already been released. So what EA is doing now, is a variant or an adaptation for the Google Daydream.

This VR version of the already popular app, will be featuring multiplayer matches in VR!

The original Game had thousands of races, and challenges to complete, however it is still unknown how many will be available on the VR version.

But there will be over 30 vehicles available to play, 5 different race type, and Online Multiplayer through Google Play.

Get Daydream and Need For Speed

The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL are the only Daydream ready phones right now, that means you absolutely need one of these phones to use Daydream.

However like i said earlier, the Daydream looks to be a very promising VR platform. The fact that EA has jumped and decided to release one of it’s major franchises on the Daydream confirms this.

The daydream is already getting an awesome HBO app and Virtual Lego. And google is working hard on partnering with the right people to create premium VR content.

So if you feel like getting yourself a gift Google Daydream is a pretty good alternative.

What Need For Speed No Limits Means For The Daydream

On it’s own Need For Speed being on the Daydream is huge! But there is much more to it.

Google’s Daydream looks to be amazing, however without content even the most amazing platforms fail… So the fact that Google managed to get EA’s attention right away could be huge.

It could increase Daydream sales in such a way that more and more developers start making apps for Daydream view!

For a rather new medium like VR having one of the best and cheapest VR platforms become successful, could mean the dawn of a new VR era.

Image Credir Niranjan

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