How the NFL is bringing Virtual Reality to sports

The NFL is going big into Virtual Reality, looking to implement VR for live events! Having America’s numbers one sport implement VR is sure to help the technology become well known in the living room and speed adoption. We’ve covered how to watch the early VR NFL broadcasts and how quarterbacks are using VR to train. It appears the NFL is going to take this to a whole new level.

VR and NFL

As a sports fan I can say that going to a match is one of the most amazing experiences you can enjoy. However saying that it’s the perfect experience and that there is nothing bad about would be a lie.

There are major drawbacks to it! First buying decent tickets is  expensive, then you have to travel to the stadium, pay for parking, overpriced food and drinks, and you are going to want to leave early to avoid traffic!I ‘m not saying is not worth while, but its something you don’t want to do every single game.

But what if you could have the Stadium Experience from Home? Everything that’s great about going to the stadium, mixed with everything that’s great from watching the game at home!

That’s what the NFL wants to do, and why? Well considering that only some 80 thousand fans can get the “Stadium Experience” on each game it makes sense.

Also consider fans that are far away from their teams, people who had to move to a different city would still want to feel like they are in the stadium supporting their team.

Next VR and Voke Vr

You may have heard of this two companies, but in case you haven’t these are the companies bringing out NFL VR dreams to reality.

Both Next VR and Voke VR are working hard bringing live NFL events to VR headsets.  Next VR released a highlights VR experience of a match between the 49ers and the Cardinals.

The highlights allowed people to relieve touchdowns as if they were standing in the endzone!

And more recently Voke VR has been releasing experiences that allow us to see the back stage of the NFL. From team practices, to side line action at different matches, and while some of the content is still blocked depending on the platform you are on, it has not stopped analysts who claim that VR will be a huge source of Revenue for the NFL.

How huge? Well analyst say the NFL could be making as much as $4 Billion in revenue by 2025!

It seems obvious why The NFL has already stated that they will be broadcasting live NFL matches on VR soon!

VR and Other Sports

Having the NFL so strongly supporting VR will surely have huge impact on the technology. Not only will it be much more desirable by the consumers and there much more wide spread.

It also means that if the NFL succeeds at making a profit out of it, that other leagues will follow suit. We have already seen the MLS implement VR, and the NHL, NBA and MLB have already done some form of VR experience.

If the NFL makes people buy VR headsets, then the all these other leagues will have a bigger market to consider, and we would have a lot more to do with out headsets.

So let’s hope that they do a great job at it!

Image Credit Keith Allison



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