NFL Quarterbacks using Virtual Reality to train

Super Bowl LI was just a couple of days ago, and had us witness one of the most amazing comebacks in Football history. So it seems fair we do a little piece on some awesome new implementation for Virtual Reality.

I’m talking about Quarterback training in VR simulations! And while it may seem a bit far off, it really isn’t.

Physical Training And Virtual Reality

If it seems contradictory, that’s only because it is…

As immersive as VR can be, the one thing this tech has not achieve yet is full motor motion. That’s not to say that there are no options out there, remember those awesome feet motion controllers?

What is does mean however, is that there is not enough development on VR to have a full NFL squad training inside a simulation, and getting a full physical workout. But don’t worry… VR is being used by some of the best athletes in pro sports as a training tool, just not a physical training tool. There are two primary uses:

  1. Position players watching “film” in VR instead of on a flat screen
  2. Injured players getting back in to the mental game and in to practice using VR while they are out of rotation.

One of the best ways to use VR for football players is to get injured players back into mental shape. Using VR simulations allows them to go through motions at slower rates, and at no risk to their health. Any sports fan knows that getting an injured player back to 100% is not only critical, but it is also a delicate task. One that might just be made easier with VR!

Quarterbacks get to use VR too. Many teams now setup VR cameras on the practice field and study the film from practice after the live practice. It gives them an incredible edge to see the plays from many angles.

Silicon Valley’s STIVR

You probably never heard of this particular Silicon Valley startup. STIVR is a startup that helps NFL and one particular NCAA team train their players.

Among their customers are the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49’ers and even the Super Bowl LI Winners The New England Patriots… Not too bad right?

STIVR’s product is simple, using VR they can give athletes realistic simulations of scenarios they would face on the field. This in turn would not only allow them to train mentally to think fast and look for a solution, it also lets them feel the situation an react to it.

Add to that the huge bonus of doing so with no risk to their physical integrity and you have a perfect scenario for training injury prone players, or getting injured players back to 100%.

Quarterback Training And VR

Quarterback Training is probably one of the best ways to use VR for Football. Using VR, a Quarterback can be exposed to different scenarios over and over again, it can even be made faster each time to improve his reaction time and decision making skills.

The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Carson Palmer is one of the Quarterbacks that trains at STIVR. And while he claims he never believed in VR before he is more than sold on it now.

“It’s phenomenal, I don’t buy in to all the new technology — I’m archaic and I thought, ‘There is no way this can change the way I play quarterback.’ But I am all in on this.”

The 35 year old Quarterback also said that he is an old fashioned guy, but STIVR  benefits are undeniable. He explained that with it, he can see a play from every angle. Everything from the movement of players to the angle of his elbow. This in turn allows Carson to perfectly understand why a particular play worked or not.

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