Nintendo launching VR in 2017

Nintendo might just be joining the Virtual Reality arms race after all! Sure PC has the best VR headsets around but Play Station has the cheapest high end VR… Nintendo however might just make High end VR even cheaper!

Nintendo’s View On VR

Nintendo has gone back and forth when it comes to VR. We know that the Japanese company has a very unique identity and that its core is fun.

Nintendo doesn’t care about new technology if they can’t make them fun and social in one way or another.

As a result we have seen different Nintendo executives talking about how VR is either not fun or not a social experience…

Whether its a social experience is debatable… But there is no doubt that VR is fun! Nintendo seem to be turning their heads however, as Virtual Reality becomes more and more refined.

Motion controllers and room scaling make Virtual Reality a tentative experience and Nintendo might just become the gateway to VR gaming.

Nintendo’s VR Patents

At its heart Nintendo is a hardware company so its no surprise that they are turning the corner. Nintendo (like Microsoft) has been shy about Virtual Reality. Just like Microsoft, Nintendo has stated that it needs to see where the Virtual Reality market is going before developing hardware for it.

Meaning that they want to play it safe as there is no telling whether VR is going to blossom now or in a couple of years. And if you are a company who had a mayor loss on your last console then you naturally want to play it safe.

However it seems that Nintendo has some hope for the Virtual Reality market as they have filled and they have been awarded a patent for a VR Headset!

The headset works very much like a Gear VR or a Google Daydream. Basically inserting the new Nintendo Switch into the headset to use as a display for the VR headset.

And while there are no official statements on the console’s capabilities we can easily say that it is much more impressive than what Gear VR or Google Daydream can achieve.

However it is unlikely that Nintendo Switch’s VR will be able to run AAA games in VR, at least not without an external processing unit to help.

What Nintendo Can Do For VR

There are two mayor drawbacks to Virtual Reality today, Cybersickness and Cost.

Virtual Reality can cause dizziness and potentially be a negative experience to some people. On the other hand it can be pretty expensive…

So where Play Station managed to offer High End VR for as cheap as $700 to $900, Nintendo might just do one better!

The Nintendo Switch is rumored to be a $250 machine, and a VR headset like a Google Daydream would only cost around $80.

High end VR for around $350? Yes please.

And Finally what many consider to be confirmation from Nintendo… On December 20th 2016 Miitomo users got a rather interesting message…

It was a community question sent to everyone using the app, The message? “What would you use virtual reality for that’s hard to do in real life?”

Sure seems like Nintendo is looking to dive into the Virtual reality market, and its probably low price it will be a welcoming sight for VR Newcomers.

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