Obama Is The First President To Give A Speech In Virtual Reality

It’s the end of an era, a Obama leaves office and as President Trump gets closer and closer to taking office it seems that melancholy starts to hit us.

As they say, you don’t know what you have until you lose it…

President Obama is leaving office and is doing it with a first of it’s kind. For the first time the presidential Farewell Speech was broadcasted in VR.

These is not the first time President Obama has been on VR, neither is it the first Political event broadcasted in VR.

Obama has already recorded a VR tour of the Yosemite National Park as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of America’s National Parks Service. And the Democratic party had also broadcasted one of it’s first presidential Debates.

However the importance comes from this being the first presidential farewell address to be broadcasted on VR. In fact it being the first time a president talks directly to the citizens through Virtual Reality.


No this one is not an exclusive content from one particular headset, instead this is an event that was viewable from any VR Headset.

The Event was hosted through a wide list of services. Including VRScout, Facebook, Periscope and Youtube.

And it was all possible thanks to Nokia’s Ozo cameras being set up around the venue.


If you have watched a live sports event you know that you don’t get just one angle. Instead you can change from different cameras to get the view you want every time.

The same goes for this particular event. Instead of just getting one 360 View, users get to switch from one camera to another at any moment.

This in turn should make the experience much richer, and the idea is to feel like you took part on such historic event.

Where to find it

Of course the speech already took place on tuesday Jan 10, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this 360 farewell! Personally I highly recommend it, the speech is full of emotions and Virtual Reality helps magnify it’s effect.

So to find the speech and watch in Virtual Reality you need only go to Youtube and search for it.

The full video was uploaded by VR scout ad it’s titled “President Obama’s Farewell Address Live in 360”

Image Credit The White House

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