Oculus Rift Price Cuts

Oculus is aggressively promoting it’s VR by doing some pretty substantial price cuts to all it’s products. Its not only a drop on the Oculus Rift, but also on the Oculus Touch and the extra cameras!

I already loved this particular headset, and this price cuts just make it better.

Oculus Rift And Touch Price Cuts

Surprisingly Oculus has lowered the price on all of it’s products!

The Oculus Rift used to cost $599 in a bundle with an Xbox controller, now you can get it for $499. While the new (and in my opinion best) motion controller called the Oculus Touch came down to just $99! That’s a $100 cut on each, and it makes it real easy for people who already own the Oculus Rift but not the Touch to go and get it.

Finally you probably know that the Oculus Rift comes with two cameras to measure movement, and that 360 degree movement require a third camera to be bought separately. Well even those got a price cut, from $79 to $59. Therefore you can buy the whole premium package for $657! Which is massively below HTC Vive’s Prices.

Pushing VR

To this day neither Facebook nor Oculus have released numbers about the Rift sales, so its hard to compare the Rift and Vive rivalry. We know the Vive got a big head start with their motion controllers, and that Rift is starting to make people consider them now that they have the Touch.

However is easy to see that Oculus is putting pressure on HTC and away from the consumer… after all having that premium package for almost half the price as the competition is really good. Oculus Vice President of Content said that they release thousands of Demos and they survey the testers afterwards.

In his words “All the surveys say ‘This is awesome. I want to buy VR.’ The vast majority of people are blown away; those that don’t buy, the number one reason they don’t buy is price.” So Oculus strategy is simple… “By dropping the price we think we aggressively push VR forward.”

And I have to agree with them… We know very well that price is VR’s number one problem!

HTC Vive’s Next Move

At this moment an HTC Vive cost $799, and the controllers cost $129… Meaning that the HTC Vive headset on it’s own costs more than the whole Oculus Premium package! And getting the HTC Vive equivalent package would cost at least $200 more.

For some it might be word the buy, for me it makes it even easier to pick the Rift. In any case this massive difference in price is bound to put some pressure on HTC. It would make sense for new customers to buy the Oculus Rift before the Vive considering these prices, and it should mean that we see a price cut on HTC’s products soon.

Just like we saw Intel processors dropping once AMD’s Ryzen processors where coming out. And price drops on a more competitive market are a win-win for us, the customers.


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