Rabbids coming to VR

Rabbids might not be the most popular franchise out there, though it has a massive cult following built up from consoles in the last decade. Forget about Mario Party, Rabbis is where the fun is at! And now it comes in VR.

Ubisoft’s Rabbids

The Rabbids were pretty unique when they were first released. They are a bunch of bunnies that are clumsy and fun. Now we have some impostors copying their roles, like the minions from Pixar. Nonetheless the Rabbids are still a lot of fun, and their games have always been excellent. Think of them as an actually fun version of Mario Party that won’t tear your friendships apart.

The Rabbids and VR

This upcoming game won’t be the first time the crazy bunnies have been on VR. Back in 2015 they saw their first try at VR, with Rabbids Ride. However back then Virtual Reality was still a bit clumsy. Hardware requirements were hard to meet and that meant that games had to be pretty simple in order to be widely available. This wasn’t really a game, the user had almost no interaction with the world and certainly no control over what happened around him. It was a sit back and enjoy the ride kind of deal, and it’s obvious that was the reason for it’s name…

However it seems VR technology has spread to a point where Ubisoft is comfortable developing games for it, we already have Eagle’s Flight, and now we will get a Rabbids game.

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan

That is the tittle for the newest Ubisoft VR game. If you have never played a Rabbids game then let me tell you, is not about story is about having fun. Laughter is assured with ridiculous scenarios and responses from the Rabbids, and having it on the go will be great.

The game however won’t be as widespread as we would want… As of this moment there has been no announcement other than a Google Daydream Release in Spring. Having a Gear VR seems like a poor choice right now… All that minecraft VR might not be worth missing out on Rabbids VR.

The game features some particularly bizarre scenarios, like a surgery room where you are assisted by the crazed rabbits. While you try and perform surgery the bunnies will attempt to hand you the correct instruments, and you must nod to accept or reject an instrument. They will offer anything from a living heart, to a toaster.

So if you are in the market for a new Smart Phone, then I strongly suggest getting a Google Pixel. Trust me this game will make it worth every penny. And last but not least, if you are a Rabbids fan you might want to know that Ubisoft has partnered with Sony films to produce a Film! It will mix Live action with virtual Rabbids, and i believe it is the right call for this franchise.


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