SVVR 2017 Conference

The most important event for Virtual Reality is the SVVR and it took place last month ion California and there is plenty to take from it.

More than a hundred companies gathered in San Jose, California to share and discuss VR!

Companies from America, Europe, and Asia shared their expertise in software development, hardware, and VR applications.

And due to the growing market that is VR, SVVR has announced it will hold two more events. SVVR Japan and SVVR Korea will give us plenty more to look up to.

About SVVR

SVVR was the first and is still the biggest VR conference of the year. It’s a time in which VR companies gather in Silicon Valley to share their ideas and development.

The event is huge, and with participation from every big hitter from the VR industry (i.e. Oculus and HTC) and also from medium and small VR startups, has come to be a huge force in the propagation of VR entertainment.

It started back in 2013 and it’s still going strong, and you will see.

SVVR 2017

There is a lot to say about SVVR 2017, among the sponsor we find some of the most important companies in VR today.

Oculus, VivePort, Unity… These people are probably the ones who would benefit the most from VR becoming mainstream so it’s obvious why the sponsor the event.

Now when it comes to the exhibitions we find a huge amount of amazing companies, most are unknown even for VR enthusiasts. After all, there were¬†over a hundred companies in the event…

For instance, WhirlwindVR was one of the most interesting companies in the SVVR 2017. Their product is set to bring VR to a whole new level.

Whirlwind VR are speakers that you place in your room as you would do a Home Theater… The Difference? It also controls temperature and airflow! So instead of just hearing stuff on your headphones, you hear them and feel them around you!

Then we had VAQSO, who develops VR smelling devices to further improve immersion in VR scenarios… Couple this last to together and you have a crazy immersive mix.

Steel Wool Studios was present as well, and if you don’t know them look them up, they make amazing VR games and they were showcasing two new games at SVVR 2017.

And finally, there was RedRock Biometrics, which showcased something really interesting… Palm scans. Yup forget about fingerprints, the future is palm scanning, which RedRock Biometrics claims is 400% safer than fingerprints.

And why did they showcased this on SVVR 2017? Because it doesn’t require you to touch any surface (like fingerprints) you just point your headset camera at your palm and it would read it!

There is plenty more to see from SVVR 2017. I just highlighted the most interesting exhibitions. The one certain thing is that VR is here to stay and events like SVVR will continue to grow as the market and technology advance.

So let’s hope for a Virtual Tomorrow, filled with awesome VR simulations.

Image Credit D Coetzee



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