Travel “Home” With UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Remember how charities where using Virtual Reality to cause empathy on people? Well the United Nations sure has caught on, and is looking to use VR to is fullest to bring awareness.

I’m talking about a series of VR films that the United Nations have been filming. The latest is called “Home” and features UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.


The premise is very simple, Home is a “behind the scenes” look at UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s travels around ten different countries.

Traveling through refugee camps, this particular experience lets the viewers see what really is going on outside our homes in places where life is very different. You can think of it as a UN reality show. Except this one is aimed at causing shock and empathy from viewers, instead of just gossip.

Also the film showcases some of the most extreme conditions people have been forced to live in. Among them we can see refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and the refugee camps in Jordan.

Ban Ki Moon stated that “More than 60 million people are displaced. That is the largest number of people since the end of the Second World War. We must show them the solidarity they deserve”.

In the same way According to UNICEF, currently 1 in 4 children around the world live in conflict or disaster zones. In 2015, nearly 1 in 200 children globally was a refugee, up from 1 in 350 in 2005.

And while we can be surprised about these numbers, there is a striking emotion that only VR can achieve. In “Home” is not only 60 million refugees… Is the story of Zaad, the boy who wants to become a translator in Jordan.

Giving a real face to this people, and seeing how they live through VR is a striking experience.

Ban Ki Moon’s Past

If you have read about Ban Ki Moon, then you surely know that he was once a refugee.

Yes even the UN Secretary General has been touched by armed conflict. He shares with the refugees in these various camps that as a child he was displaced, and that he also had to flee his burning village in Korea.

It is amazing to see how far the UN Secretary General has come and how much he has achieved, there is no doubt in my mind that sharing his personal story must have inspired the child refugees.

Where Is The Love?

The final touch on this already heartfelt production would come from The Black Eyed Peas. As the song “Where Is The Love?” was featured throughout the film.

The production was already striking, however “Where Is The Love?” really does a great job summarizing the feeling, and therefore transmitting the message that the UN wanted to send across.

Will.I.Am also shared his feelings about the production, stating how it was a tremendous honor for them to be featured in it.

” Where is The Love sums up the overwhelming sentiment of concern for people who are trying to survive, and fleeing conflicts and unthinkable hardship.”

If you are looking for a Reality Check, then “Home” will show you just how lucky you are… I also strongly recommend that you share it, after all is the easiest way to help.

To watch “Clouds Over Syria”, one of these productions, visit

Image Credit Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken


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