Vimeo Launches 360-Degree Video Viewing


Vimeo announced recently that it will now feature VR videos, this means Vimeo will allow users to upload and watch VR content, and it will become highlighted. YouTube announced this capability quite a while ago and has launched YouTube 360 and so the battle continues between these two platforms. Essentially there is no difference in their approach.

However Vimeo has always been a platform for independent film makers. It’s the kind of place where independent film makers not only publish their work, but also get a bit of money for it. So, the expansion to this audience will help promote its use by artists and diy filmmakers who prever Vimeo.

Creating Content Through Vimeo VR

We all know content is one of VR’s weaknesses, we know there really isn’t that much to do once you buy a headset. Other than some games and 360 videos, VR platforms are lacking, specially mobile VR platforms. For gamers there is a huge hype, for non gamers… not so much.

Vimeo’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Vimeo’s Creator Platform explains that “Right now, it is expensive and time-consuming to make 360 video. Most can only do it when they’re working with big brands, Content is the missing piece that would take immersive stories from nascent to mainstream.”

Vimeo knows that most VR content is either free, like games or apps made independently or as advertisement from big corporations, or it’s paid like a lot of games. So what Vimeo VR is trying to achieve is to create the first worldwide marketplace for VR Content! This Means Vimeo VR is giving Vimeo Pro and Business members an opportunity to sell their VR content online!

User will be able to buy, rent or subscribe using Vimeo On Demand and producers will get 90% of the revenues after commissions! That is an awesome deal for them.

Vimeo VR Hardware and Quality

Users will be able to upload video with as much as 8k resolution! Vimeo will also be releasing resources for content creators and even tutorials for making better 360 videos.

Finally Vimeo VR will be available through the Vimeo VR app, which will be available on Android and iPhone. Vimeo has said that it will support compatible headsets like the Google Daydream and Gear VR. And they are also working on bringing Vimeo VR into premium headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift!


Image Credit Alper Çuğun





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