Virtual Reality Art is Already Here

What happens when you mix a trendy Art Exhibitions with Virtual Reality? You get Virtual Reality Art, one of the most unique exhibitions! Mixing Technology and Art has created some of the most distinguishable art scenes, take photography and interactive touch exhibits for instance. Now we have Virtual Reality Art and galleries and artists are starting to pay attention to this new space.

The Armory Show

The Armory Show is an International Art Fair, that is held every year on piers 92 and 94 New York. It’s not a particularly traditional event, it started only in 1994. However as recent as it may be, in its 23 years it has managed to become a major event among contemporary art collectors and galleries. What is particularly interesting about it this year is that it will feature a particular set of technology we love… VR.

An online platform called Artsy has teamed up with Pace Gallery’s Studio Drift, in order to create an exhibit using Microsoft’s Hololens which bring some virtual and some reality together in an augmented reality display. Their project is called “Concrete Storm” and their goal is to make Virtual Reality Art seem real and immersive.

They want to achieve this by making the room as immersive as possible. One of the coolest features is how the pieces will react to the viewer. For instance, if you are watching a virtual sculpture and walk behind it, you will actually see it from behind! This means that as you move the room does, as if you were really in front of actual objects.

Virtual Reality Art and The Future

Artsy is a company that sells art from galleries around the world, their goal is to connect galleries and collectors, even if they live in different continents. As such it is simple to understand why they are so excited in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. For them Augmented Reality could be the way they do business in the future.

Artsy chief technology officer Daniel Doubrovkine doubts that Augmented Reality will replace the museum approach to art. As great as it can be, is not the same to him. However is undeniable that it would have many benefits. The company believes that one day collectors may have Virtual Reality Art Rooms at home to see art online before purchasing.

Sounds familiar? It should, it’s basically the same thing Amazon might do with VR.

Until VR and AR start being commonplace virtual art will only really live in virtual places. As the market comes around and people start wearing their gear all around virtual art in our homes as something to enjoy, buy, sell, trade, and collect will become a thing and artists will start flocking to these technical methods.

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

Which medium is best? There is obviously reasons to pick one before the other, and yet they both have an amazing potential. I hope that we will start seeing unified AR and VR headsets soon, as there is a lot of fun stuff to do with both. Also a high price for a much more complete device might just convince more buyers. And finally we expect proliferation of people wanting AR in daily life and VR at home for fun.


Image Credit The Verge



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