Virtual Reality Makes People Sick

The biggest drawback to the awesome new technology that is Virtual Reality has to be Cybersickness. If you have played any VR game then you surely must have experienced it.

Cybersickness is basically Motion Sickness, except there is no actual motion involved…  So what exactly causes it?

Causes And Effects Of Cybersickness

Opposite to what you may think, Cybersickness is nothing new. There is plenty of documented data mostly collected from pilots during training in flight simulators.

Today’s flight simulators include motion, however older simulators didn’t and most pilots would deal with Cybersickness after long training sessions.

What causes Cybersickness is the same factors that cause motion sickness. That is a mismatch between what the eyes see and what your body feels.

Our bodies use a lot of different sensors to understand where it is. The eyes obviously give us an image of were we are standing, but our ears handle balance.

These two things together give our brains a perfect image of where our bodies are. The problem with VR is that our brains get plenty of information from our eyes and none from our ears.

So while our brain is being told by our eyes that we are in a roller coaster, our ears are telling it that we are sitting in our couch! This lack of coordination can cause dizziness and makes us feel sick after entering VR.

How to Handle Cybersickness

Just Like Motion Sickness, Cybersickness is temporary. That means that as you play more with VR your body will begin to get used to it.

The same happens to Sailors and Astronauts, who have a hard time with Dizziness and Motion Sickness for a couple of days or maybe a week before acclimating to the environment.

That’s not to say you can’t do anything about it, but rather give you hope that you will get used to it! If you are currently experiencing problems while using VR and wish to extend your VR Sessions here are 8 tips to deal with Cybersickness.

Women seem to be particularly prone to Cybersickness, however that shouldn’t stop you from trying out this awesome new technology. Just make sure you take care of yourself!

If you feel dizzy stop, take a rest and go back to VR after you feel better! That should be enough to make you used to VR in a safe and comfortable manner.

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