Virtual Reality Will Let You Buy Your Next Home From Home

When it comes to Virtual Reality people tend to think about entertainment. Wether it be Video Games or watching a movie through Virtual Reality.

But there are plenty of other uses that will come from this new technology, and while it may not seem obvious to everyone the Real Estate business can get a lot out of Virtual Reality.

Why Traditional Real Estate Practices Are A Burden On The Consumer

Buying or Renting is a choice that comes just every now and then, however when the time comes it can be stressful and frustrating to find the right place…

Imagine having to move to New York to start a new job and finding that traffic and hotel ┬ácosts make it very expensive to stay for long while you choose your permanent apartment! Worst is the fact that you may not even like any of the apartments you see but you already spent money in transport and the hotel stay…

This is the reality of major cities all over the world, they become overpopulated in a matter that makes traffic horrible, and hotel room prices high… So wouldn’t it be better to just stay at home and pick an apartment or house remotely?

How Useful Would Virtual Reality Tours Be?

There is plenty to be said about 3d Virtual Reality tours of properties. If you have experienced Virtual Reality then you know how immersive it can be. The feeling of depth in the images and the freedom to look around is amazing.

It would seem like a perfect fit for the Real Estate business and it really can be.

There are only a couple of drawbacks to Virtual Reality in the Real Estate business. First we have the costs of recreating a property on a digital VR Tour, this costs result in few to none “low budget” properties having a VR tour, and more “High End” properties having them.

That’s just an obvious result… You need to make sure you are going to recover the investment you are making.

Secondly we have the matter of fidelity, and what i mean to say is that you can’t (at least not now) get the exact same experience as actually being there. So there might be some unexpected issues once you see the real property.

Can Virtual Reality Become The Standard For Real Estate Browsing ?

Even if we can’t actually see all that we want to see through a 3d model, there is an undeniable profit from experiencing them.

Having a virtual tour of a property lets us imagine ourselves in the space, and lets us realize exactly how much space there is and how the space feels.

This spacial awareness is specially valuable, because we cant get it from looking at pictures of the property or through blueprints.

So having a 3d tour lets us know to a high degree of certainty whether we like how the space is distributed or how spacious a property is.

It might not be enough to push the trigger on a property right away but it can certainly be enough to rule out alternatives and keep only the best ones.

Hopefully in time it will be easier to get 3d models of houses and apartments and we can get to experience them from the comfort of our own homes…

It will make the Real Estate Agent’s life easier and the customers costs lower.

Image Credit Ines Hegedus-Garcia



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