Virtual Visit to VR at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Taking a trip to Vegas just got a lot more fun, Caesar Palace has opened a VR Lounge that is sure to impress. Head on to the bar, enjoy a nice cocktail and some shrimp. And while you wait for your meal, you can fly above the city in VR!

The VR Lounge

Mixing cool and sleek with nerdy and gaming… Or maybe Caesars Palace is just making money out of the “wow” factor VR brings to the table. Either way the Alto Bar at Caesars Palace is featuring one of the most amazing combinations I have ever thought about. By mixing a sleek and elegant looking bar, with one of the coolest and nerdier techs around…

As we have said before VR is still a niche tech, so having it implemented as a cool addition to an already cool bar is pretty cool. Therefore seeing VR, mixed with premium cocktails and luxurious Las Vegas strip hotel is a surprising first… And a welcomed one at it too.

The Gear

So what are they using in the VR Lounge? How are all this people getting to know VR? Just like anything else from Caesars Palace the VR Lounge is not cheap. It’s not a quick experience featuring Gear VR or Google Daydream…

They are actually using my personal favorite VR headset, which is the Rift of course. The Rift and Touch combo that has impressed me so much is exactly what is showcased on the VR Lounge, and i can understand why. After all there is no better motion controller at the time than the Oculus Touch. It’s ergonomics feel surprisingly real, and help immerse players even further!

The Experiences

So we know the VR Lounge is sitting in one of Las Vegas most luxurious hotels. We know that is in one of the greatest premium bars in town as well. And we know they are using the best headset and motion controller combo out there.

So what are the experiences available? Caesars Palace is actually showcasing games! And no… it’s not VR poker. The VR Lounge features a pack of games called VR Adventures. Think of it as demonstration games for VR, nothing fancy, just simple games meant to exploit the tech.

VR Adventures features four games, Screaming Skydive, Soaring Superhero, House of Horrors and Fly N’ Shoot. Screaming Skydive will have you crossing buildings at ridiculous heights on a tightrope, while Soaring Superhero is all about… well, being a flying superhero. Fly N’ Shoot is exactly that, you fly around different locations shooting down enemies and finally House Of Horror is the VR Horror House experience.

If you had your doubts about that trip to vegas, i think the VR Lounge might just convince you.

Heading down to Vegas has always been fun, adding to the already exciting experience some of the most amazing VR available today is a great bonus.

So head on to experience todays greatest VR motion controllers in one of the best Bars in Las Vegas.


Image Credit Nan Palmero



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