VR Comes To Catholic School

Catholic Schools and Technology are things that don’t usually come to mind together. However this particular school is showing that religion and Technology can mix!

Our Lady Of Peace

Our Lady Of Peace is a Catholic School located in San Diego. It was founded in 1882 and it seems that this particular school has it’s eye set on the future! While most see Virtual Reality as the perfect platform for gaming, we know just how much can be done with VR. First we learned about amazing treatments for different conditions, and eventually we got to real estate! And now education is realizing the potential of immersive experiences.

Our Lady of Peace is implementing VR headsets in almost every class, from biology to geography and history. The VR headsets allow the students to go on virtual road trips, to experience virtual dissections or go on tours that would be impossible to take, like a tour inside your body!

Educating the Next Generation Of Leaders

Our Lady Of Peace takes great pride on the fact that it is on the forefront of technological advancement in education.

The school believes in educating the leaders of the future, and to achieve this goal they must work with technology. As the head of the School Lauren Lek explained:

Today, students are challenged to compete on a global scale and be adept at leveraging rapidly changing technologies…”

Lauren is also particularly proud of the achievements that such an old institution has managed, specially to stay ahead of the times.

“Being one of the first all girls’ schools to bring this technology speaks to our trailblazing history of educating the next generation of women leaders and innovators…”

And Finally Lauren Lek talked about preparing students with the same tools they will encounter in college.

“As a college-preparatory school, we look to institutions like UCSD and Stanford, and the tools they are leveraging for student learning because we feel committed to ensuring our students are exposed to the same tools they will see at the university level.”

VR Stations For Education

As much as 15 Virtual Reality stations have been set up on the school. Within them students use zSpace virtual reality and are exposed to realistic 3D images.

These images vary from human anatomy, to different animals and simulations. Also students use a stylus to change the 3D images and explore the simulation.

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