VR is going to be HUGE at CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest tech event of the year! It’s held in Las Vegas and it showcases the newest technologies and trends. As it is to be expected Virtual Reality is set to have a huge presence in the event, after all what other new technology has as much uses as VR/AR?

We have discussed how Virtual Reality can be implemented for a wide arrange of industries. Gaming, Sports, Entertainment, Real Estate and Health are the first that come to mind.

And with big names like Facebook (who owns Oculus), HTC (Vive), Nintendo and Even Microsoft working on VR Headsets there is sure to be a lot of VR to see.

VR/AR Exhibitions On CES

If you were to guess how many exhibitions will be showcasing VR/AR technologies you would hardly come with the Number 261.

Yes CES will have 261 exhibitions showcasing VR/AR technology! That is more than ever before and it just goes to show how much the market is responding to these new techs.

At this moment VR and AR are seen as different experiences, and they kind of are… However it seems obvious that VR and AR will be available in future headsets.

It also seems clear that VR/AR technologies will become a daily matter in the future. As we have discussed VR is a very versatile tech, and it is also quite immersive and even addictive.

Gaming And Virtual Reality

As versatile as Virtual Reality is, there is no market that has embraced it as fast as the Gaming Industry.

The reason behind this is probably due to the Cost of Virtual Reality Headsets today. As you may know an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive costs around $600-$800.

Add to that the cost of a PC that can use the hardware and we go as high as $1500.

So while other industries can benefit from Virtual Reality, consumers on other markets are not ready to spend that much money.

In the gaming world however, consumers may already own a powerful PC or might just be willing to spend that much money to experience their alter egos in Virtual Reality.

Why is this relevant? Well if you stop to think about it, VR would no be profitable without the gaming industry.

And if VR wasn’t profitable it would not be developed in the first place… So thank your fellow gamers for making a VR/AR future possible.

The Sky Is The Limit

Virtual Reality is still a new tech. Sure we have seen improvement┬ábut Virtual Reality headsets have only existed for a few years…

Think about how the first cellphones looked like in comparison to modern smart phones and you will understand just how much Virtual reality can change.

As technology advances VR headsets will become ergonomic, light, faster, and portable!

It may still take some decades but there is certainly a future were we will be wearing headsets 24/7.

Image Credit Ben Freedman

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