VR Headset Stands Are A Thing

And we don’t mean VR Headset Stands, as a place to try out VR… We mean an actual Stand where you rest your VR Headset. Think of the PlayStation controller stands (those actually charge your controllers…), that is what companies are doing now to enter the VR bonanza.

Does it sound ridiculous?

VR Headset Stands

So now that you know what the VR Headset Stands are, you are probably asking yourself what do they look like? Do they have some cool design that will look cool in my room? That’s obviously debatable, however to put it in simple terms, the VR Headset Stands are basically mannequin heads…

Yeah I know… It’s hard to make that look cool, however I think there is room for improvement, instead of plain black or white heads maybe get a zombie head VR Headset Stands?

When it’s all said and done, VR Headsets are delicate pieces of modern technology. They are designed to sit on your head and not to be laying around! So spending a few extra bucks on getting an ideal resting place for them is the least you can do (think of it as protecting your investment).

Sony’s PSVR Headset Stand

Sony has partnered up with Numskull for the official PS VR headstand. The kit is pretty simple, is made out of sturdy materials and it looks alright. It’s a somewhat minimalist head, made of a dark black matte and it rest on a sturdy metal base.

The kit costs around $35, which is not too pricey and considering that you spent a decent amount of money on your PS VR then an extra $35 is fine to keep it well.

Delta VR

Dealt VR Headset Stands have been out for a while, the are a bit pricier than Sony’s costing around $50. These are as close as you get to an actual mannequin head, they are white, they have eye sockets and they have mouths.


Among these three VR Headsets Stands I like Cybust the most. Mostly because of it’s looks, it’s clean and sleek. Its a lot like Sony’s design except that its not raised by a metal pole.

Not having that elevation makes it much more stable, and doesn’t look like a spiked head. The downside? well Cybust must believe they are still the only ones making these because the price is $89!

Image Credit J E Theriot




Delta VR 


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