VR Shoes let you feel the virtual floor

Virtual Reality is all about one thing… Immersion, and we are doing a great job so far! With awesome controllers like the Oculus Touch, our hands are being ported to the digital world. So now this VR Shoes are also porting our feet to the Digital World!

The Cerevo Taclim

The Cerevo Taclim are a duo of VR Shoes and VR Motion Controllers, they are meant to be used with Google VR like the Google Daydream.

The Shoes are obviously the most interesting part (since its the new thing). They not only have motion sensors on them, which allow for some really cool stuff (like actually kicking enemies).

But they also have moving parts inside them, which react differently depending on the type of surface you are walking on.

Meaning that you get a different feel if you are walking on Snow, Grass, Sand, Concrete and so on…

The shoes provide feedback from your toes, all the way to the heel, and while it may not be the most realistic thing yet, it sure adds to the immersive experience.

Completing The VR World

When the Oculus Touch was revealed people said the “Rift” was now complete…

But now with the Taclim i have to disagree, there is so much more room to improve on VR. And for what it seems VR in the future will be more than a headset and motion controllers.

Mixing Headsets, 360 sound, Motion Controllers (like the Touch) and now adding VR Shoes and possibly VR Treadmills is a crazy immersive experience.

I really hope Facebook would now buy Omni and Cerevo, so that they can integrate all these awesome technologies into one beautiful package.

Hyper Immersive VR

I particularly am very excited about these VR Shoes. There is still factor that will be extremely hard to replicate for VR.

Room Temperature and Smells come to mind, but consider having an actual 360 treadmill, paired with the VR motion controller and VR Shoes…

It Seems that the Sky is the limit for VR!

Furthermore the speed at which these newer VR Technologies are being developed is amazing!

Five Years from now we might be almost completely immerse in Virtual World!

Cerevo’s Taclim Price

If there is something that will never change is the fact that new tech is always expensive.

Cerevo’s Taclim are set to ship in 2017, at a price range of $100 to $1500…

Yes that is steep specially considering it only work for Google VR at the moment.

However Cerevo has stated that they plan to bring these awesome VR Shoes and Controllers to other VR Platforms.

Whether they managed to do it is yet to be seen, however i believe the potential for VR Shoes is huge.

I will be predicting now that Cerevo will be soon bought by either Google or Facebook.

Image Credit DFSHAW

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