Watch the big east basketball tournament on Fox Sports VR

Sports and VR seem to get be getting along better and better everyday. From soccer, football and now Basketball! Virtual Reality seems to her here to stay.

The Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a basketball fan… So I really don’t know what the Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament is. What I do know is that it’s quarterfinals, semi finals, and the final are going to be broadcasted in VR! This is thank to the Fox Sports Lab Initiative. Unlike last year they are teaming up with a VR broadcasting company called LiveLike.

Last year Fox Sport broadcasted the event live in VR with the help of NextVR, however LiveLike has partnered with Fox Sports for other events around MLS football and even the NFL Super Bowl LI highlight packages. So let’s hope this partnership is as promising as it looks, and that Fox Sports and LiveLike start VR Broadcasting everything!

Setting Up For The Broadcast

So how do you get yourself set up for the Tournament? 

The first thing you need to know is which platform does this work on? Unlike last year (which supported Google Cardboard only) this year you can use Gear VR or Google Cardboard. So your first step is to download the Fox Sports VR app. Once you have the app you have to go through an authentication procedure that will allow access to your content. This usually requires some info from your TV provider.

Once the authentication process is finished all you need is to do, is get your headset ready on game day, and enjoy!

Fox Sports VR Experience

What will it be like to watch the Tournament on Fox Sports VR? Well the experience is set to have 360 cameras on both baskets and two foul line cameras.

From the app you will be able to freely move from camera to camera at any given moment, and there will also be a “Director’s Cut” mode. The “Director’s Cut” mode will automatically move you around so that you are always watching the camera closest to the action.

And finally there will be a “Highlights” package, that will let you watch each games highlights after they are over. Pretty Sweet right?

It seems that Fox is as excited about this Live VR events as we are, as their Vice President of Field And Tech Operations Michael Davies said “With the ongoing refinement of virtual reality and support from Jeep, FOX Sports now offers a unique blend of presence and interactivity that has not been available previously.” And no, Jeep is just the sponsor, they are not jumping into the VR market.

It is great to see Fox Sports getting serious about VR, as it may just be the beginning of the VR entertainment industry! In any case I hope that there are plenty of viewers on the VR platforms so that they become more and more popular, I may not watch Basketball I love to watch VR content.

Maybe a FIFA World Cup Final in VR?

Image Credit Marianne O’Leary



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