How To Watch NFL Football On Virtual Reality

If you think there is nothing better than going to the stadium to support your team, well… I think there is something better… Going to the Stadium from the comfort of your home!

If you enjoy technology and gadgets (like Myself) then you probably are quite happy about Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is letting us explore this new awesome medium, which is feeling like we are somewhere else.

And the entertainment business will never be the same, Mark my word, in 10 years all things entertainment will be VR.

Virtual Reality And Sports

As a result of VR’s Immersive nature, different companies are already imagining How VR can make you be in the Stadium from Home.

Lets be honest, going to the stadium is great but it can also be tiring…

So skipping a couple of matches and watching them at home on Virtual Reality, sounds like a great alternative.

And that way i won’t be as disappointed when the Dolphins lose…

Voke VR For The Gear VR

Alright lets talk business now.

What do you need to watch the NFL in Virtual Reality?

You will need to get a Gear VR headset. It is a portable VR headset that works as a add on to your Samsung Smartphone. That’s not to say it works on every Samsung phone though.

You will also need a compatible Phone, basically you need a Samsung Galaxy S6 (or better) or a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

There used to be support for other (newer) Galaxy Notes, but that was before they started blowing up…

If you already own one of these phones then you have only to spend around $30 (for a used Gear VR) or $99 if you want a new one.

Voke VR on the other hand is completely free! You just have to download the app from the Gear VR Oculus Store.

What Will You Get From This Particular App

Unfortunately the deal is not as great as we would want…

Voke VR won’t be broadcasting the whole matches, instead they will broadcast highlights of each quarter (once the quarter is finished). And a comprehensive post match Highlights video, featuring more content than that which was shown already.

That’s the deal so far with the NFL but i wouldn’t be surprised by the NFL adopting this technology in the near future. However it will most likely not be free.

Matches that Will Be Featured in Voke VR

Voke VR will broadcast highlights on the following matches:

Dec. 4 – Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars
Dec. 11 – New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dec. 18 – Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans
Jan. 1 – Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
If you already own one of the Gear VR compatible phone, then you should really give Virtual Reality a shot.
Image Credit Parker Anderson

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