Ways to incorporate VR in your marketing

Virtual Reality is what everyone seems to be talking about these days. And while this brand new market might seem weird and unfitting for you there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of it! Here are a couple of ways to incorporate VR in your marketing.

Developing VR Experiences

VR is perfect for marketing for many reasons, mainly the fact that they are extremely immersive and that being a new medium they are particularly memorable for newcomers.

Think about, i can perfectly remember my first VR experience. It was a simple Roller Coaster game but it was absolutely new to me and that memory will stick for a while.

Many companies have developed apps to promote their business. For instance Volvo has created VR drives of their new vehicles!

Its a perfect fit considering potential buyers would get an unforgettable memory on a Digital Volvo.

Marriot has also done videos depicting tours of their facilities in different parts of the world. This means they can show that wherever you go, Marriot is there for you.

Broadcasting Live Events

This on is a no brainer, if your company has an event coming up you can/should consider Broadcasting the event live!

This would mean more people attend your event and is a fun way for people craving some quality VR entertainment to get their fix.

VR Fashion Shows seem to be particularly popular lately, and they have caused quite a buzz.

Making Youtube 360 Videos

Maybe you don’t have the equipment to broadcast 360 videos live. However you can always record an event with a 360 camera and then add it to your Youtube Account.

Works in the same way as the live Broadcast. More people will get to experience a particular event that your company is doing.

You may also want to consider making 360 videos that showcase who you are! Making a Tour of your company on Youtube is a great way to get customers to know you.

The Art Of Patron which is a Tequila distillery has already made a VR Tour of their facilities. Its amazing watching just how much work and effort goes into creating Tequila.

Making a VR Tour might just give your potential buyers some appreciation for the hard work you do!

Give Away Branded Headsets

Google Cardboard is the perfect platform for VR newcomers, and for some cheap marketing. Giving away a piece of foldable cardboard with your company’s name on it would cost very little.

Anyone with a decent Smart Phone will be able to use it, and once they fall in love with VR they will remember why they tried it in the first place.

Believe or not there are already companies trying this out. Most noticeably is McDonald’s, they are starting a trial in Sweden giving VR Cardboard headsets!

How do they do it? Easy you just have to follow the instructions and fold your Happy Meal Box! 

McDonald’s was already handing out this Boxes so all they had to do was add instructions on how to fold them to make a Headset… Pretty Clever.

Image Credit Rishabh Mathur

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